The Badlands House Band

The sound of Guns, Gold & Rock ‘N Roll is spreading like wildfire as the Badlands House Band, the musical voice of Badlands Pawn, continues to add significant notches to their barrel.

In just over six months, BHB has performed to large crowds in seven states, backed up an impressive (and ever-growing) list of legendary rockers, and released their debut single and music video worldwide.

“It has been one hell of a ride,” confesses lead singer Ron Keel, aka The Metal Cowboy. “We certainly have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. The response we’ve gotten has been beyond positive, and we’re still just getting started.”

Recent on-stage victories have come in the form of two consecutive sold-out shows at Badlands Pawn in Sioux Falls – a rocking New Year’s Eve headline date, and the “Badlands House Band Invitational #1” which tasked the group with backing up hard rock royalty such as Stephen Pearcy (RATT), Don Dokken, Jack Blades (Night Ranger), Kip Winger, and Marc Slaughter.

“Everybody was top flight,” said multi-platinum singer Slaughter after the show. “It couldn’t have been better.” After singing four KISS songs with BHB at their debut show last August, Paul Stanley labeled the band “world class.” 

Those top flight world class musicians are DC Cothern (guitars/vocals), Doc Purcell (guitar/vocals), The Rev (drums/vocals), El Diablo (bass/vocals), Dakota Scott (keyboards), and Keel (lead vocals/guitar).

The foundation is built upon classic songs that echo the American values and hard work ethic the members live by; a high point of the show is always “The American Medley” which weaves together sections of “American Pie,” “Born In The USA,” “American Girl,” and “Free Bird.”

Audience participation is key, and it’s easy to see (and hear) when 5000 people are singing along. The musical style stretches from hard & heavy (AC/DC mashed up with Keel’s 1985 hit “The Right To Rock”) to beefed-up versions of country classics like “Folsom Prison Blues” (which brings The Rev out front for lead vocals) and “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up To Be Cowboys.”

But the band’s core sound is a powerful blend of classic arena rock with a southern rock edge, most apparent when they launch into Molly Hatchet’s “Flirtin’ with Disaster,” Blackfoot’s “Train Train,” and their theme song and debut single “Ghost Riders in the Sky.”

The single, available worldwide on iTunes and all other sources for digital music, will also be released as a “Deluxe Edition CD Single” which contains the full-length track, a shortened “radio edit,” and a live version recorded at the Badlands House Band’s debut concert last August.

The studio tracks were produced by southern rock icon Henry Paul, a founding (and current) member of The Outlaws. The disc is an “enhanced CD” which also includes video clips that can be played on your computer – the official music video and a 6-minute “making of” feature.

As the summer heats up, so will the band’s touring schedule; in addition to headline dates at regional festivals and casinos and opening slots for Hairball (also represented by Badlands Entertainment Group), the Badlands House Band will be featured at the Kick’n Up Country Festival (Karstad MN), Frontier Days at the Outlaw Saloon in Cheyenne, WY, the 2016 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and more special events at Badlands Pawn.

From the Badlands of South Dakota comes the sound of Guns, Gold, and Rock ‘n Roll…the Badlands House Band.


NOW KNOWN AS: The Metal Cowboy


Once he was a rock star….fame & glory, money & power. Now, the ‘Slow Death’ stalks him…the biochemical effects of the Aftermath.

They say he never sleeps…

In the fortress known as Badlands Pawn, he makes his final stand with a loyal and fearless group of allies…the Badlands House Band.

Legends say that only the power of rock n roll keeps the world from forever collapsing into darkness, death and decay.

So with his last breath, he’ll be screaming loud…he will die fighting, defending the right to rock.

Armed & dangerous. Handle with extreme caution.




The Rev… a local legend who ruled the rock radio airwaves and played drums with the best rock bands from the northern plains. He partied hard and lived the evil life…a user and abuser.

The Apocalypse showed him the new way – good over evil.
Now he spreads the gift God gave him through rock n roll with the only musicians he could find.

He knows that as long as he is still playing, he will remain alive.
It was the music that saved him. So he plays every song as though it will be his last.

Solitary and reserved – armed with Holy Water that burns when it comes in contact with true evil.




He was a kind and giving man…with a passion for life and music. Then he rose from the ashes of the Apocalypse with a hardened heart and fire in his veins.

He crossed the wasteland in search of lost friends and family…and to the outlaws and bandits that preyed upon the weak, he became known as El Diablo…The Devil.

Now reunited with his lifelong bandmate the Metal Cowboy, he again has something to believe in – Guns, Gold & Rock N Roll. Protector of the true believers, defender of the American way…nothing will ever be taken from him again.

Locked and loaded – avoid direct confrontation.



LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Somewhere in Ohio

Survival skills learned at an early age serve him well in the Aftermath…the ability to thrive in the harshest environments and confront danger around every turn.

Following the trail of outlaw blood left by his brother El Diablo, he claimed his place in the Badlands House Band with a screaming guitar and a spirit that was born to rock.

Armed with a six-string, his razor-sharp blade…and the will to survive at any cost.

Dangerous when hungry.

BEFORE THE FALL: Steve Purcell



In the old life he was a troubadour, a drifter with a song and a smile…

After the Fall, he was given a gift – the power to mend the sick and wounded with magic and music, and thus became a Healer known as “Doc.”

He wandered west on broken roads, helping others along the way, following the rumors of a new band in Sioux Falls keeping rock n roll alive…the Badlands House Band, led by his old friend Ron Keel.

Good natured with a sense of humor – and a dead-eye shot with his vintage 30-30. When it comes to guns, gold & rock n roll, the Doc plays for keeps.

BEFORE THE FALL: Scott Schmitt

NOW KNOWN AS: Dakota Scott

LAST KNOWN LOCATION: South Dakota, somewhere west of the Missouri river

On a still night, from an abandoned missile silo in the Badlands comes the sound of a rock n roll piano…

Whether by keyboards or by gun, his hands have kept him alive through the chaos. Navigating through the government’s secret network of underground tunnels, he came to Sioux Falls in search of a new chance at life and music.

He endured a brutal six month initiation to gain acceptance as one of the six members of the Badlands House Band, and with the fastest hands on Earth Dakota Scott fiercely defends the creed.

Our Weapons

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