Badlands House Band Launches Recording Career with Ghost Riders In The Sky

Three days of intense recording sessions conclude in a dimly lit Sioux Falls recording studio as the Badlands House Band and their producer, southern rock icon Henry Paul (a founding member of The Outlaws and multi-platinum country act BlackHawk), listen to the results: their 21st century version of the classic “Ghost Riders In The Sky.”

When the playback is done, Paul picks up an acoustic guitar and begins to fingerpick a haunting melody. A hush comes over the room as he launches into “It’s About Pride,” the title track to the latest Outlaws album which offers a strong lyrical statement about deep rock & roll tradition.

I’m proud to be a part of something that started long ago
A southern band of brothers, bound together by the road…

It’s about pride, it’s about who we are
It’s about knowing where we’ve been and how we’ve come so far…

“It was a very special moment, Henry singing just for us, like a rite of passage,” declared BHB vocalist Ron Keel. “It felt like he was welcoming us into an exclusive fraternity.”

Paul took a break from his hectic touring schedule to produce “Ghost Riders In The Sky,” the debut single from the Badlands House Band. The song was chosen by Badlands Pawn founder Chuck Brennan to provide the theme for the Badlands brand, and promises to be the perfect sonic introduction to the band, which consists of Keel, guitarists DC Cothern and Doc Purcell, drummer Jeff “The Rev” Koller, Geno “El Diablo” Arce on bass and keyboardist Dakota Scott.

“I’m thrilled with the track,” Brennan said. “The combination of Henry Paul’s production and the House Band’s performance is pure Rock ‘n Roll magic.” Engineered by Mike Dresch at Cathouse Studios in Sioux Falls, the single was mixed in Nashville by Bobby Huff (Heart, Journey, BlackHawk) and mastered by Grammy winner Hank Williams. “It’s just one of those incredible songs that is open to interpretation,” said Paul, “It’s hard to say how big hits happen, but I think the record we made is a hit song.”

Badlands Entertainment Group has released the single to iTunes, Amazon and all other digital distribution outlets, to be followed up by a Limited Edition Deluxe CD Single which will contain the full length version, an edited version for radio, and a live version recorded at the Badlands House Band’s debut concert. A music video for the song will accompany the release, as well as a “making of” clip shot during the recording sessions.

“No one in history has sung ‘Ghost Riders’ more than Henry Paul,” Keel said. “To record it with him at the helm is truly an honor and the perfect way to introduce the world to the Badlands House Band.”